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The Shiremoor Treat Song

Here are the words and music to a traditional song about the Shiremoor Treat for you to have a singalong!

It was started by a small band of kind-hearted men

To give all the local schoolchildren a treat.

Now it’s still going strong after 75 years

This must be a truly remarkable feat.



We had Mr Niven who started it off

In 1907 behind the Blue Bell

And then Albert Sanderson and Billy Nicholson too

We remember Mr Moore and Jimmy Middleton as well.



The wages were small and the money was scarce

The villagers they had a poor standard of living

But a penny collection round the doors every week

Came from kind hearts that were all full of giving.



Each year this great day gives immeasurable joy

And if this was multiplied 75 times

That's what we're indebted to these faithful few

Who had the foresight to read all of the signs.



Ever since this day started it's been a success

And the efforts we've made have all been worthwhile.

Today we carry on what is now a tradition

In the well-known Northumbrian locality style.



The cost of this day is now growing each year

But with your kind help our expenses we'll meet

To reach a centenary it is now our aim

With the Shiremoor and District Children's Treat.